Artist Statement

As a highly sensitive person, my thoughts can turn intrusive and can consume my inner life leading to a place of constant anxiety. The thoughts that only I know can consume me and stop me in my tracks. I need to physically work through my thoughts and feelings so they do not overtake me. To process these thoughts, I have turned time and time again into making. Making has provided me a way to manifest my thoughts physically. It is within the process of artmaking in both a cognitive and physical way that I feel most myself. My fullest expression of who I am and what I want to say. To create a sense of space between the cycle of narrative within me and my physical existence. I return to themes that remain a constant curiosity in my life; nature, relationships, change, and multiples manifest over and over in new representations.  The constant that remains is my desire to make, to express, to have art be my way to live most fully. Like life, the themes are constant but the physical expression of them changes. 

Photo: @Bianca.victoria.ny